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In ancient times, God created the world.

  • What God said

    God said: There should be light! So there is light.

    God said: There should be sky and land! So there are sky and earth.

    God said: There should be sun and moon! So there are days and nights.

    God said: There should be creatures! So there are Titans.

  • The Plant of Titans

    The first planet created by God is called the Planet of Titans, where the descendants of God live and reproduce: men represent the sky, known as the Skyline; women represent the earth, known as the Craze.

Titan Army

They are both representative of light.

In this world, however, there are attacks from other dark matters. To fight against such attacks, God said there should be an army!

So there is Titan Army!

Gathering forces

The power of Titan continues to summon other gods. Now Titan Army is gathering more forces,

and the prelude to the battle begins in AD 2016!