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Titan Army's super advanced technology

Outstanding in performance, designed to meet technical aesthetics in appearance and well-received among gaming fans and Internet café owners.

Engineers won’t tell you: monitors will also be overclocked.

Do you have any distortion problem with your split-screen display? It doesn't happen with Titan Army.

Does your monitor have a front sight?

Titan Army comes with the Skyeye that gives you a head start in a survival game!

There is no need to reach out your hands. Just click the mouse. Then you can set up the monitor!

Customize the faith projection light to decide by yourself what to project!

New curvature of 1000R, a breakthrough in the limit of curved surface!

Lens hood: filter the stray light on both sides and render the true screen color!

Split-screen software: allow multi-window operation. You can split the screen as you like.

Dark field compensation: scenes in dark places in the game are still clearly visible

TITAN ARMY Titan Army's super advanced technology

How to realize split-screen display without distortion?

Case: to carry out split-screen operation on a high-resolution monitor

Tools: connect to different host based on the number of split screens

Process: set the monitor resolution through multiple windows of the monitor to render non-distorted pictures

Notes: There are different setting methods for N card, A card and integrated display